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Bootcamp Challenge

Stryker is a company built on one thing: making health care better.  Stryker undoubtedly values it's people, so the idea of helping those people stay fit in a fun and competitive environment is an exciting prospect.  Below you will see how that can be accomplished, and what will be provided in the training program. Whether in the gym, on the road, or training at home, there will be plenty of options for you to stay moving!


What is the Program?

All delivered right to your phone, the program will consist of 3 training days, and two optional recovery/extra days.  You will have the option to select from the "At Home Program" or the "Gym Program".  Regardless of which program you choose, they each will follow the same structure with the only differences being the amount of equipment you have available. 


Every training day will conclude with a challenge that can be done no matter which program you choose, that requires no equipment.  The program will track individual, as well group progress to keep the competitive sprit that Stryker values alive.

Where Will I See the Program?

The program will live on an an app on your phone.  Upon opting in to the program, you will receive a link prompting you to download the free app on your phone (IOS and Android).  You will be able to see your workouts for the day all in one place with sets, reps, videos, weight tracking, and much more to ensure there is no confusion.  There will also be a place to post your personal records, congratulate your teammates, and see who is leading in each of the challenges.

Traveling and have a 15 hour day?  No problem!  Come back to the app when you can and complete the workout when it works best for you.  

Track Your Progress

Who doesn't love a good graph?  

Every person who signs up will be provided with a progress report to see where they are and how they are improving throughout the program.  We will pick a few KPIs and track them to see how you stack up against yourself!

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