Josh Yaro

Professional Defender at San Antonio FC

Selected #2 Overall- 2016 MLS Superdraft

"I had the pleasure of working with Frank for a few months this year, but the impact he had on me and my season was unbelievable. I worked with Frank during my preseason and the majority of my time with San Antonio Football Club. The minute Frank and I met, I talked to him about my past history. He then had me go through a series of tests and swiftly moved to create a comprehensive workout plan to help me get fit for the season and to maintain my gains throughout the season.  He did all this with injury prevention in mind as that was a main concern of mine. I loved every minute of working out with him because his workouts are always enjoyable as there are tons of variations and never boring. He challenged me to achieve my fitness goals with a balanced approach by pushing me to succeed, and yet being patient with the process. He always listened to my needs and was really knowledgeable and supportive. Frank was a pleasure to work with and to talk to. He is skilled in what he does and extremely thoughtful. I went a whole season without out any muscle injuries which was my main goal working with him. I cannot thank Frank enough for helping me achieve my biggest goal this season.

Anyone that ever has the chance to work with Frank should jump on it because I can personally testify that he will go above and beyond to ensure your needs and goals are met."